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Required fees for an article up to 5,000 words.

Article processing fee


Extra page fee for the journal (may apply)

Do not exceed 5,000 words

Article submission fee


The article must have a maximum of 5,000 words. This limit applies to all sections of the article, including the Title, Author(s) affiliation, abstract, keywords, figure/tables (each figure of the table is counted as 250 words), legends, and references.

If Author(s) from a developing county does not have funds to pay the processing fee, we may be able to assist qualified and aspiring authors with limited financial capabilities.

Access to the online articles – Free.

When Editor recommends that the submitted article needs some grammar improvement, authors would need to refine the use of English in their manuscripts and might consider using the services of a professional English-language editing company recommended by the Journal.

The fees are used to support journal-related activities agreed upon by the publisher and the journal editors.