General Overview About German Shepherd Training

General Overview About Training German Shepherds

A dog is the first animal tamed by human. It faithfully serves to human from ancient times until the present. A dog was protecting human from animals, helping him to get food and clothes, and served as a reliable vehicle in the northern districts. Later, people began to use dogs for cattle grazing purposes, the protection of dwellings and other premises, search and rescue of people, military affairs, etc. 

Today service dogs have not lost their auxiliary value. There are successfully used for protection purposes of state border, important military facilities, valuable national property, search and criminal detention, in search and rescue, customs services, in search for ore deposits, and gas pipeline damage. There are service dogs, caring guides for vision impaired people, etc.

They bring a lot of joy and inner satisfaction to kids, as well as to adults, especially, single people! A long time ago was noted that communication with dogs has a positive impact on children. It helps to develop primary labour skills, grafting of kindness, patience, and perseverance. Communication with animals has a special beneficial effect, because they are living away from nature and another household care.

Service dog-breeding engages people to physical activities and sports. Summer all-round has become very popular, since it not useful only for work purposes, but also it is a great way to educate children. Training and education of young dog breeders and preparation of young men of military age for service in the border troops with their own trained dogs are organized under contribution of many dog clubs. Therefore, service dog-breeding is developing not only for improvement and growing of service dogs, but also it contributes to physical and spiritual growth, military-patriotic education of many thousands of people, especially, youngsters.


Any beginner who wants to acquire an animal or has already acquired it, still has many questions. Many answers to be found in textbooks on service dog-breeding in libraries. If you want to receive more detailed and intelligible consultation, you can ask for specialists of service dogs clubs. Experienced dog-breeders can share some piece of advice. Each of them has its own special tips or secrets which they are willing to share with those in need of consultation.

Here we will share just few of those questions that are most often raised from amateurs.

Which breed of service dogs should be acquired?

It is not possible to provide a comprehensive answer to this question. It all depends on the purpose for which the dog is acquired, who will take care of it, in what conditions of living it will be contained, who will train a dog and where, etc.

The most universal breed of service dogs is German Shepherd. Dogs of that breed are unpretentious to feed and conditions of living. They are not afraid of cold and heat, as well as they adapt to new conditions of living and feed relatively fast. They are quite easily trained.

Even though dog keeping is not possible anymore for any reason, and if it is not an old one, German Shepherd is willingly acquired for service in the army, frontier and internal troops, police, and paramilitary security.

You will be certain that your dog is in good and safe goods, what is tremendously important for each owner.

Caucasian, Central Asian, and South Russian Shepherd breeds, Rottweiler, Moscow Watchdog, Black Russian Terrier, and other dog breeds are also suitable for guard services with yard maintenance.

Besides German Shepherd, there are such dog breeds as Collie, Airedale, Rottweiler, and Giant Schnauzer which are widely used for house security and sports.

A dog of what kind of sex is better to acquire (male or female)?

It is definitely very hard to answer. A lot of things depend on an owner, its physical development, personality, and very often for what purpose is a dog acquired.  

Each sex has certain characteristics which should be considered before the choice. Differences between male and female dogs are both hardly noticeable and has no practical value until 6-7-month-old. Gender differences between male and female dogs become pronounced both by behavior and conformation only at maturity.

In most ways females have less weight and more balanced character than males. Sex drive usually occurs twice a year. Males are larger and more active. During sexual hunting they get excited near females at any time of the year. In this case, they do not willing to obey an owner. That is why females are better suited for beginners. Many experienced dog-breeders recommend man to acquire dog males, but women to acquire females, as they are rather calm. Of course, these recommendations are not mandatory for all.  

A dog of what age is better to purchase?

This question can be simply answered. It is better to purchase a puppy.

Average life expectancy of service dog breeds is from 10 to 12 years. In case something unexpected happens during the process when you acquire a puppy, you can count on not losing your four-legged friend. In addition, due to improper upbringing and training, a mature dog can have undesirable habits which are not ready to notice, and these are quite hard to correct. So, for example, a dog can jump on an owner, leaning on him/her with his front paws or barks in all ways of excitement (when they see dummy items or when they meet strangers). It is difficult to train such dog and often impossible. From a little puppy, with the right maintenance and upbringing, you can always grow a loyal friend and a good, reliable assistant.

Where to acquire a puppy?

Many non-experienced amateur breeders make a big mistake when acquiring puppies from strangers including the market. Usually, these mongrels are not beneficial in terms of breed and service.

It is more reliable to acquire a puppy through a dog training club. This is a true guarantee of a pure dog’s breed.

It is necessary to acquire a puppy at the age of 30-40 days. By this time, a puppy is already able to do without maternal custody.

If possible, it is preferable to choose a puppy from a small or medium litter (5 to 7 puppies). Usually, in large litters (8 to 10 puppies) there could be met underdeveloped and weak ones. When choosing a pup, you should pay attention on its overall activity, mobility, substance, appetite, existence of exterior signs, which are peculiar to 30-40 days old puppies of this breed. A pup must be healthy and mobile. It must have a good appetite and body mass that is right for a given age.

Do not rush with your choice. You should carefully see the behavior of a puppy when you set them in turn, aside from each other and separately from others. When everything else being equal, the preference shall be given to those, who will be more energetic than others in trying to get back to their place.

Puppies, which are brought up in a yard are, in the most ways, more resistant to various diseases, especially, to colds.

Where to draw up documents for a puppy?

In 5 days after you have acquired a puppy, you shall register it in the veterinary station, then in a service dog training club. An owner which has passed registration, shall have a pedigree card, which is notarized in the club, a passport of a service dog, registration certificate, and veterinary registration license plate.

Where to check a breed and growing quality?

When a puppy turns 5 months, it needs to take part in the event which is organized by a service dog training club and dedicated to brood of young dogs. During this event, specialists check dogs and combine their characteristics including growth, physical development, fatness, their teeth, ears, and coat condition, existence or absence of rickets. Finally, the development of testicles and cryptorchidism test for males. The evaluation is combined as concerns a breed and growing quality. A certificate of inspection is given to the owners whose dogs have successfully passed the test. All dogs participated in the event and received a positive score are awarded by a member token. The owners whose dogs have received ‘typy’ or ‘example’, ‘grown in an exemplary manner’ are given the corresponding certificates. In terms of growing, when they receive scores as ‘right’ or ’mediocre’, they are given just a reference. The owners of the best puppies are rewarded with diplomas and prizes. Besides, during such events the owners are provided with valuable consultations about growing and upbringing of puppies.

In what age and where shall dog training take place?

Educational training of 4-month puppies is held by owners. Starting from four to eight months they are organized by service dog clubs.

Upon reaching eight months, young dogs must pass overall training course. The owners under the guidance instructor are also passing proper training.

The dogs which have already passed the overall training course and the tests can be enrolled in a special training course (guardhouse, guard, observation post, tracing, and others), which is also conducted on sport training platforms of the service dog club. The owners are passing through the appropriate training for a specified service. 

In what clothes is better to train a dog?

It is recommended to use light clothing for free movement. Clothes that are easy to clean, protected from dust and dirt, as well as from sun rays during summertime, and cold during winter time. According to these terms, it is better to wear lightweight jumpsuit, beret or lightweight sports cap during summertime. Warm trousers, quilted jacket or any other type of warm jacket, and hat with ear flaps should be worn during wintertime. A waterproof raincoat should be worn for rain protection. Boots should be light, comfortable, and secure.

And now, perhaps, one of the most important tips.

You should think about your capacities and your wish to have a dog. In many cases the decision to have a dog is adopted quite rashly. As a result, after appearance of a dog in your house it becomes clear that you do not have proper conditions to keep it. You have no one to care after it, and eventually a dog becomes not a friend, but a burden. Especially, it often happens in families where dogs are adopted not because of love towards animals, but in the pursuit of fashion or for the sake of satisfaction of children’s vagaries. It is good that such mistakes are corrected just in time and dogs stay with whose people who love and need them. But there are ways when a dog is driven out into the street and becomes homeless, stray. Such actions are unacceptable. Heartless deliverance from an animal causes irreparable harm to upbringing of children, promotes the spread of cruelty among them, and kills feelings of compassion and pity towards their relatives. In addition, stray dogs can be a source of contagious diseases, and as a result, they become a threat to human health. Therefore, when acquiring a dog, you need to remember and consider all the obligations that you assume.

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